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Garden Pond Pumps, Filters, Treatment, Lighting and Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a water supply to my pond/water feature?

A. No. Just top up your pond or water feature with your garden hose. Self contained water features should be checked regularly to ensure the reservoir is full.

Q. If I already have a pump do I have to buy the one that comes with a water feature that I’m interested in?
A. No. If your pump is the appropriate size for the feature we will deduct the price of the pump.

Q. What is a pebble pond?
A. A pebble pond is an underground reservoir that houses a pump, usually covered with stones for that disappearing water look. These systems require very little maintenance.

Q. How do I stop mosquitoes breeding in my pond?
A. Mosquitoes don’t like moving water. Aim to eliminate still water areas by increasing water Circulation around your pond or water feature.

Q. Where are you situated?
A. We are based In Rangiora, Canterbury.

Q. How do I winterise my water feature?
A. If the water in the reservoir freezes over – don’t turn it on, as the water will not be able to return to the base and the pump will run dry.

Q. How do I know what sized pump to buy?
A. There are a few variables to take into account regarding pump sizes. We can calculate this for you in order to achieve the performance/effect that you want.

Q. My pond water turns green, what can I do?
A. At The Water Garden we have a range of products to combat green water, including Ultra Violet Clarifiers and fish and plant friendly chemicals. A heavily planted pond will naturally clarify your water. As the water warms up – oxygen levels drop – so any means of adding more oxygen is helpful.

Q. My pump is not working. Do you carry spares?
A. At The Water Garden we carry spare impellors for a large range of pumps.

Q. My pond is losing water. What should I do?
A. First thing is to turn off any pumps or devices and top your pond up and leave it for a day or two. If your pond level still goes down (not including natural evaporation) your liner may punctured. Contact us – small punctures can be easily fixed if found.

Q. What is the difference between mains power and low voltage?
A. Low voltage pumps will include a transformer, either 12volt or 24volt and the cables do not need to be buried. Mains power (230volt) cabling legally needs to be buried 600mm below ground.